Reconnect is an app that lets you advance your ideas through feedback. To really understand how this transcendent application works, we need to dive into the heart of this ever-growing movement, looking at non- other than the actual interface itself.

Signing up is rather straightforward for it only requires a few steps:

  1. The front screen is straight to the point with the simplistic sign- ins of Google and Facebook. This allows for an effortless experience as one no longer has to create a new account, instead, extracts your personal information from those accounts and creates a new Reconnect profile hassle-free.

2. After signing in with your preferred domain, you will be taken to the account setup page where you would have a choice of keeping the name that Reconnect extracted from your other social media platforms or fix your name up in case of any spelling mistakes.

3. You will then be able to put a profile picture to allow other Reconnect users to see who you are and based on the clarity and type of image will determine just how responsive they are to your unique ideas. This is why it is preferred that you put a photo of yourself as the profile picture rather than some arbitrary choice.

4. You will be taken to a screen where you will be able to put a little bio about yourself such as activities you like doing during you free time, limited personal information (for safety reasons) and perhaps past projects just to create credibility.

5. Finally! You have arrived at the heart of the company where a plethora of ideas and thoughts are find. Where one is able to connect with a dream and shape new, meaningful connections in the process.

The interface is as easy as signing up. The center of the interface holds the kernel of this platform as this is where the ideas are found. All one really needs to do is click the idea that catches your eye and comment. Situated right next to the idea holds the ‘up- vote’ where you are able to show support for the idea and thus help motivate the entrepreneur who came up with the venture. The more votes, the more popular the idea is.

At the top of the page holds the connection between your idea and the public. There, you must elucidate your idea in order to create a better understanding of your product. The better you impart your idea, the more enthusiasm one will have for your product. You are not required to display a surfeit of information about your product but just enough to garner interest.

If you wish to update your information then you may click the profile button and click ‘edit’. You will be to change your information without hinderance and thus smoothen the process of fixing your public profile. You are able to add up to 4 links or emails to create a more personal connection with others. One may wish to include a website for your idea (if you have one) or your email to allow others to contact you privately if appeal towards your idea is there. Don’t forget to click ‘save’ after completion.

After clicking on an idea, you can comment, ‘up- vote’ on an idea, ‘up- vote’ or ‘down- vote’ on a comment if you disagree on what another person had said about a product.

By clicking on a profile, you have access to all the host’s ideas, comments made and points collected through ‘up- votes’. This allows for a personalized experience as you will obtain an insight of this person’s behavior in the app and if he or she is impudent towards others then you may wish to stray away from him or her. This permits a respectable environment allowing people to feel unworried accessing Reconnect’s domain. The more points a host has, the more in demand and credible their ideas are.

Reconnect is a new platform run by 7 visionaries with distinct dispositions who aim to constantly change in order to fit growing needs.

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