Happiness Is Boring

Ann Litts
Ann Litts
Aug 3 · 3 min read
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September 2017:

Isn’t that great? Or maybe it’s the underlying reason so many people seem determined to be miserable?

What dawned on me today is the fact lately My Life has been pretty sedate. Sure I had the broken front door lock incident — completely my own fault — and the ongoing pesky lack of communication between my car and my iPhone. But on the whole, My Life is ticking along just swell.

I see things that I could be pissed off about, as I am not a fan of hate. But in response to most of that mess, I have decided to let Karma have at it. She’s much better and far more creative in her ways than I am and truthfully, my heart just can’t take it anymore. Dr. Martin Luther King told us the cost of hate was too great, and he was 100% correct. I don’t want to pay the bill anymore. So I notice, I do what I can, I speak my truths, and I let the rest go.

Sometimes you just gotta pour Love on Humans and situations. Sit back and watch what happens. Humans need friends. A community needs caring. Humor heals a lot of stuff.

My kids and grandkids are good. My friends are good. Work is good. All my relationships are good. My health is good. Finances are good. Even the major possessions are good.

I just booked a couple of trips to visit family over the next two months. I have a few yoga classes scheduled. I didn’t have any cavities last check-up.

What is not to love about all that?

I’m not sure how it happened exactly. It was a quiet process. It crept into My Life on little mice feet — this thing — The Good. And as it came in the drama just evaporated. I started sprinkling Love around a bit, and it’s been pretty chill.

Completely boring as bat shit.

I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.


Addendum: I have reposted this as a reminder. This was Normal Life for so many of us back in 2017. A completely or relatively Drama-Free Zone comparatively speaking. If we had only known then to appreciate it. Appreciate all the everyday boring moments that we experienced back then. Yoga classes in studios, trips to see family, even a dental check-up…what simple markers of the absolute ordinary! Stakes in the ground of Normal Life. Suffering their loss is one of the most disturbing side-effects of the COVID pandemic and why we find ourselves struggling. Even those of us who have not had to face physical or financial hardship.

May our Boring Lives return to us one day soon. Wrapped in Love and appreciation. May we see them for the gift they have always been. May you and yours be at peace.


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