Life In The Cheap Seats

Ann Litts
Ann Litts
Apr 15, 2020 · 3 min read
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Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

July 2017:

I love live music. I’ve been going to concerts for literally decades now. Summer is best, all the outdoor venues are open and there is something magical about sitting under the stars listening to your favorite bands play their music to you. Well…you and 9,999 of their other fans, but you get the idea.

I always get the lawn seats. My friends make fun of me because I’m an old chick and I could well afford a more focused concert schedule and better seating if I wanted to. But I don’t. I love lawn seats.

People on the lawn are a mob of personalities and fun. You can people watch and listen in on the most interesting conversations. I live in the south, which means I’m expected to jump in and join those conversations with any relevant (or irrelevant) piece of advice I have to offer.

If you stand just so, the wind will bring you the scent of my youth — the sweet second-hand smoke smell of weed — it hangs like a mist over the lawn crowd and reminds even those of us who don’t partake of chiller times.

On the lawn, you can move and dance, in fact, it’s required. If people on the lawn are sitting down you know the song is “off our new album” and if they’re laying down on their blankets, there’s some serious drunk sex about to happen. Otherwise, it is ON! People dancing, beach balls bouncing around, light sticks glowing, a sea of humanity paying tribute to the God that is Rock & Roll.

I’ve paid the bucks on occasion to sit in the ‘good’ seats. I’ve nearly always been disappointed. The Humans sitting around me in said ‘good’ seats are not always such ‘good’ neighbors. If any incidents had happened on the lawn, I could have simply moved. The beauty of the lawn seats. And I wouldn’t have sat there thinking, “I paid $120 for this?? To discipline Humans who can’t hold their booze?”

See you can’t really take me out in public — Sagittarius. That brutally honest thing. I will call you out on being a public nuisance in my space. Because I CAN hold my booze.

And therein lies the most important point of lawn seats. They are reasonably priced. Sure I can afford the ‘good’ seats, but I can afford more lawn seats. Ergo, more concerts. I went to two concerts this week alone. And why would I choose to deprive myself of that?

I was listening to music with a friend and with each song that came on Pandora he asked if I had seen that band perform (knowing my passion for live music). It took about 12 songs or so before the answer was no.

Sorry, Billy Joel, keep touring and I’ll get there!!!

Life is short. Buy the concert tickets.


Addendum: I decided to repost this piece from 3 summers ago to remind all of us what good there exists in the world. Many of the same artists I bought those lawn seats for are now on FB giving mini-concerts for free to their homebound fans. Helping us all to remember — the most important thing was always the music and each other.

Here’s to summer! Here’s to Rock & Roll! Here’s to Country & The Blues! Here’s to The Symphony which will surely get you laid! Here’s to all the artists we love! May we stand together again soon — lighters in hand — swaying to the music of their encores. ❤


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