None Of Us Are Special

Ann Litts
Ann Litts
Mar 24 · 3 min read

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t unique

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July 2017:

I wrote the original version of this post back in 2017. Of course, no one back then could have even imagined what 2020 would lay at our doorsteps. I’ve recycled this piece to remind Special Humans to let that shit go.

Per Special: adjective — better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

Contrast the above definition with this one.

Per Unique: adjective — being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Which adjective do you embrace? What vibe do you emit? Are you Special or Unique?

Looking at My Life, I can see the moments where I sought to be Special. We are programmed as children to excel — be bigger, brighter, better than those around us. Society feeds our Egos and encourages them to be The Force that controls our lives. American society, in particular, is guilty of this.

Ego attempts to set us apart and push agendas of untruth. Ego will assert itself in disastrous ways telling us the stories of our lives in a continuous loop of misinformation. Ego is the voice in our heads weighing our worth and judging us against an invisible scale. Ego is the measure that defines ‘Other’ and tells us we are superior to those who are not us.

Ego tells us we are Special. And it lies like a rug.

Anyone who tunes into Ego can come up with a reason — or two or three or twenty — as to why they are Special. Maybe they’re young. Or perhaps they’re pretty. Or thin. Or a man. Or a woman. Oh, this is my favorite — well educated. Some are rich. Others are poor. Maybe they’re sick. Or fit. They could be very busy — Busy Humans in America are Very Special Humans.

There’s always something. Some One thing that can be used to rationalize why Special Humans exist — at least in their own minds. Perhaps Ego whispers that they are exempt from following the rules. The policies. The laws. The stuff everyone else who is not ‘Special’ is supposed to do.

For example, Special Humans can park where ever they like. They can squeeze in front of everyone in line. They do not have to scoop dog doo-doo. They don’t need to bother with turn signals. They can litter. They don’t have to wear masks during pandemics. The list goes on and on of All. The. Ways. Special Humans live unconscious, Ego-driven lives harmful to those around them.

Because that is what happens when a society lets Ego drive the bus — when a society denies the interconnectedness of its members. When being Special is The Most Important Goal in Life.

A gathering of Special Humans does not a community make. It’s just a bunch of Egos doing whatever they want. There is no cohesion. It isn’t really special in the least. It’s chaos at best and anarchy at worst. Finally admitting that Ego is behind the rationalization and grasping Humans engage in to be Special helps us recognize how perfectly ordinary Life is.

Read that again.

However, each one of us is Unique. Compassionately formed, deeply loved, and Divinely connected to every other living being on the planet. One of its kind. Unlike anything else.

If we are mindful, we can reassure Ego that being a Uniquely Ordinary Human is enough. We are enough. There need not be anything Special about any of us.

In fact, many times — society is much better off with fewer Special Humans. Much. Much. Better.



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