The Energy Of Our Words

Photo by Alexandra on Unsplash

One of my dearest friends sent me a profound message today. Don’t you just love when The Universe shouts at you like that?

But I digress.

My friend — wise, empath, old-soul, and fellow traveler — sent me words. And not just any words. Words about words. And how words carry energy. Not just spoken words. ALL WORDS.

Now as a lifelong avid reader, I knew this. I could be carried away by a great, even a good or passable tale, within a single plot twist. But again — the “Ah-ha” moment is when you realize what you’ve always known.

Isn’t that what we search for when we read? That moment — when it hits us. It can be in any story or article we’re reading. It’s a recognition of where the plot is going, or the realization we actually knew who the murderer was, or the insight we know to be our truth.

People who read are on a quest. We feed on the energy of other’s words. We know the world is divided into those who read and those who don’t. For those of us who read, it is more than a hobby or distraction. Reading is an escape, a pleasure, and an addiction as surely as any other drug out there. We reach for the high which comes with that moment of knowing.

Reading is like walking through a door to a secret world. There’s a symbiotic relationship between author and reader as both create an imaginary world from the energy of the written word. And as readers — we are all aware of that power.

The words my friend sent me reminded me to be aware of that power when I create as well. And when I speak. And when I sing. And any place else words are used.

The old adage regarding ‘sticks and stones…and words never hurting’ couldn’t be more wrong. Prayers, spells, compliments, insults, labels. Words have energy and words have power. Anyone who’s wielded them understands that. Or needs to.