17 essential Sketch templates for UX noobs

Since my first week teaching UX design at RED Academy there’s one question I keep hearing from my students, how do I become more efficient in Sketch? So I decided to put together a collection of simple templates to help them digitize their paper sketches faster, with a more presentable final result that they’d be proud to put in their portfolio.

It’s worked so well for my students that I thought I’d share that list of templates for anyone that’s just started in UX design and needs some help to speed up their workflow.

1) Bootstrap Grids

2) TETHR UI Kit by Invision

3) Desktop + mobile userflow icons by Nate Shulte

4) Mobile wireframe by Fol Studio

5) Subtle Devices by Hanson Wu

6) Illustrated Avatars by Freepik

7) CompassCons by Danny Saltaren

8) Font Awesome icons for Sketch by Boltmade

9) Material Design Wireframe Kit V2 by Dan Shipley

10) Flow Chart Kit by Dmitry Kurash

11) Facebook Design Resources

12) Landing Page Wireframes by Pausrr

13) iOS 10 Gui by Great Simple Studio

14) Flat Color UI Palette by M. Appelman

15) Affinity Diagram by Abinash Mohanty

16) User Persona Template by Caitlin Charniga

17) Simple UI Sketch Generator by Emmanuel Roy

Hopefully these templates will help you create UX work in Sketch faster. If you found this helpful please hit recommend below and I’ll be happy to put together more lists for UX and Design.

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