List of resources to help you get into UX & UI Design

As a former instructor at RED Academy, I had people constantly ask me how to prepare for the career in UX/UI Design. Getting formal education in this discipline is one way to get there, but from my personal experience, the most successful students were those who came with a design thinking mindset and had some knowledge already.

I’m a strong believer in sharing knowledge, so here is a list of resources designers at RED put together to help our prospective students prepare for the industry.


Foundation of UX Design


Design Thinking & Trends


On the future of tech and amazing things in development we should all be watching in 2017:

On softer skills like vulnerability and empathy (very valuable for anybody who wants to be successful in the design industry generally speaking):



Great experiences are manifested through every user — product touchpoint; whether it’s an ad on the bus, an interaction on the website or colours you are seeing in a display ad. There is no such as UI vs UX, and a good designer needs to be proficient in both. Hence, below are books that talk about both how things work and look.


There is another gazillion of other resources out there, so please leave a comment if you think something needs to be added to this list. Also, check out this post by James McNab on essential Sketch templates, as well as this one on other essential design resources.

I’m obviously a huge fan of design programs at RED Academy; and, although I’m not working at RED anymore, I’ll stand behind the quality of those programs any day. If you have any questions about it — please don’t hesitate to reach out via my LinkedIn, my website or on Twitter.

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