Weekly Report #7 — Rush, rush, rush! — Shylla

Sorry, Medium, I’m not going to tell you stories like the way I always do, because reasons.

Last weekend, we held our first hackathon. Yay!

Master Firza was too busy with his glory Dummy Database Generator
Best food ever. We were like “OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SO YUMMY”
Huh-ing Firza (Sorry for the bad editing)

So, what I did in the hackathon are:

  • Making database model
  • Making database scheme
  • Implementing database scheme
  • Making Use Case Diagram for Customer app & Shopper app
  • Making Use Case Specification for Customer app & Shopper app
  • Sprint #1 release bug testing

You can check our, anything, well, Google Drive, Trello, Gitlab, or anything else to prove what I’ve told above.

Just some screenshot I took in the middle of the hackathon. Actually forget why I captured this screen.

Anyway last Friday we finally deployed our Sprint #1 Release to happystock.herokuapp.com. Yay! ;)