Weekly Report #8 — Shylla

The past week was Shylla’s might-be-first coding week in 2016. It doesn’t mean that this is the first week I did coding things along 2016, but in this week I really enjoyed coding I don’t even know why!

It was started when I decided to restart my Ruby on Rails learning progress in Codecademy, on Monday morning. This week I tried to make some progresses in Codecademy everytime I have a spare time. In the middle of the week, I finally completed the course.


It wasn’t that hard to finish the course, since Ken has already taught me some of the materials when we were doing things about HappyStock with Ruby on Rails.

I can’t believe that on some nights I procrastinated to do some of my design works because I was curious about this course. #lame

Outside this project, I also did a little bit of coding for my Natural Language Processing task and I enjoyed it too! #superlame

On Tuesday evening we moved our shits to Pivotal Tracker because it’s simply kewl-er, and did a sprint planning. I chose to take part for some backlogs — implementing some functions on the advanced search feature with AJAX, implementing threshold and efficiency tables into DBMS, and hopefully, I also wish I can take part in threshold things.

Talking about DBMS, I remembered that we use SQLite but earlier this week Irfan decided to change the DBMS into PostgreSQL. Hehe.

Based on Iddad’s experience with AJAX (he said it’s quite difficult to do AJAX things in this HappyStock project) this week I focused to learn some AJAX.

Just some proof

Hopefully on the second week of this sprint I can start doing this AJAX backlog, and also the DBMS thing!

I tried to persuade the team to conduct a meeting on Wednesday because it was Firza’s birthday, but but

So, yeah.

On Friday we finally visited HappyFresh again, yay! We were the first team who did the scrum review in the front of the class (class?). There were some constructive feedbacks given by Mas Faren, Mas Fajar and Kak Pepe.

In HappyFresh, I also enhanced and improved some wireframe on Balsamiq.

Thanks Kak Pepe for letting us playing around in every corner of HappyFresh HQ!