Falling Down the Stairs: The Depression Side of Bipolar Disorder


Stood at the top looking down,
so dark
Pushed the switch on the wall,
had no light

Tried to yell for help,
no one heard,
I couldn’t say it right

Spiraling down,
sometimes slow,
sometimes fast,
darkness like the night

My legs abandon me,
I start to fall,
no railing,
nothing to hold,

I couldn’t fight

When you hear me,
you question,
are you okay?
are you alright?

You reach out to me,
I can’t reach back
I’m wounded,
Battered and bruised,
cuts on my arms, 
with tears that spite

As you lift me
I plead to God,
to have,
my darkness gone,
to take this blight

I’ve fallen before
and got back up
Of hope for the light,
I can’t lose sight.

Patsy, 2017