Not me!

How I am Made

So they said,
“Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.”
“Little boys are made of frogs, snails and puppy dog’s tails.”
Why didn’t I get to choose?
Did anyone ask, what I think I’m made of? No!
You are made of what’s on that certificate,
That says you were born. See, and that’s what you’ll be!
It says frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, same as XY, Yuck!
But I think I’m sugar and spice and everything nice. Although,
I do like puppy dogs when they wag their tails.
Now let me see,
And how can this be?
I do feel like sugar and spice, oh,
And let’s not forget, everything nice, like,
Ballerinas, butterflies and pink everything else, but,
You think something is wrong. So,
Why can’t I be,
Who I say I am,
And that’s how I’m made…

Patsy 2016

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