Mother Earth: A Mother’s Day Poem for You

Mother-Earth-by josephine-101, Found in

Mother earth
Who gives life to her children
Who, suckles them with the rich milk of her elements
Who provides them shelter
Who nurtures through endless beauty

Mother Earth Oh, Mother Earth
You give so much 
You hold us so dear
You are slow to anger
You are forever patient

Mother Earth Sweet Mother Earth
We are your wayward children
We are spoiled by your gifts
We take so much, more than we need
We ravage your beauty that you long prepared

Mother Earth our Mother Earth
Teach us your ways
Teach us your laws
Teach us to heal you
Teach us to love you as you have loved us

My Mother Earth
Return to me thy fruits of my work
Return to me your seasons of hope
Return your provisions that your nature provides
Return me to you, when my light subsides

Oh, sweet beautiful Mother Earth, we honor thee.

Patsy, 2017