My Dog Roberto

Roberto in the front with Haley

Roberto my old friend,
I cry, for you now
I cry for me because I love you
You are old now
Your little body betrays you
Soon you will cross that bridge

These words I write for you,
that you will never read,
but you know them in my heart,
for we have lived them, you and I
From the day, I took you home,
and all the days since

That day we met,
you were running wild
But you were not free
They said you were not perfect
Not like the other pups
But you were just like me

They’ve been together so long, I worry about Haley

Seventeen years it’s been
You let me be your mother
You let me be your father
You have been my family
My partner,
and my loyal friend

So many times, you gave me a reason
In your innocence, you needed me
That was my reason to go on, to love you
No matter my mistakes or failings you did not care
You wanted very little
You gave me so much more

You will always be my puppy
Soon I’ll let you go
I’ll hold your collar for you,
until we meet again
Run, my little guy run
So free, so happy again…

God would not have given us each other, if it wasn’t for eternity.
Patsy, 2017