Words of Wisdom From Grandma Patsy

Well children, boys and girls and everyone in between, just gather around. I’m not going to give any tips on being a girl or dating or even proper grammar. Those are things I still struggle with. I want to share somethings that are very special. Yes, somethings that have taken me a lifetime to learn. Just hang on now and give me a minute. This is something real important to me. I have to collect the right words to express my thoughts.

So many things I thought were so important over the years have slipped through my memory. I guess because they were only important at a certain time or for a certain reason. The things that stuck with me, they’re the real important things. First on my list will be the people I’ve met along the way. The lives that have touched mine and hopefully I will be remembered for touching other’s live in a good and positive way. Every once in a while I bump into someone from the past and that person tells me that I did or said something that helped them or made a difference in their lives. See, if I make touching others lives a worthy goal, I will always treat people nice.

Which brings me to my next lesson in life. Always treat people the way you want to be treated. The Golden Rule. Now it’s very easy to shy away from this. Sometimes we are angry or disgusted with how another person behaves. Some of us were treated so bad early on in life. Our self esteem is greatly affected by how parents and significant people in our lives treat us. So we must be aware of how that made us feel. It’s hard to treat people nice when you have been badly treated by some one you looked up to or loved. I never asked to be treated bad or put down as a child, but it happened and I’m sure the adult that I trusted experienced the same horrible treatment when they were young and when at that stage. The way a person saw and treated you had more of an impact than how you could see yourself. In the beginning we learn to see ourselves through the lenses of adults we are supposed to look up to. What I have learned is that if I treat people bad or disrespectful that it always comes back to me. I usually am the one who feels bad. By treating people nice is how I learned to treat myself nice. Since starting this practice, life is a lot smoother and I have less conflict with others.

Okay, listen up now. Never judge your insides by someone else’s outsides. Another version of this I learned is, never measure yourself with someone else’s yardstick. I used to look at what other people had. Both in personal and material traits. I would compare myself up against a better athlete, writer, worker and maybe at what I thought to be a better person in general. I would look at how successful someone is or how beautiful. Some how looking at the qualities of others I became blinded to my true self worth. I would fail to see my own success in getting from point A to point B in lieu of my own set of circumstances. If you take time to listen to others you may learn that we all struggle with feelings that we might not be good enough. Ask yourself these questions; who told me that in the past, why is their opinion important to me and what makes me think they are right about me.

So beautiful children as we will always have a child in us. The child we once were. Lets look at what we learned today. I say we because if I want to be a good teacher than I must remain teachable. I must remain a good student always so I can continue to increase my knowledge about life and where I fit into this wonderful universe. I think the greatest knowledge to be gained from today’s lesson is that, how we see ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we love ourselves has a profound impact on our relationships with other people and the world around us. When we talk about loving ourselves it is not a narcissistic, self centered or selfish kind of love. It is about seeing ourselves as worthy of a healthy kind of love. It is about seeing one’s self as vulnerable and needful of self love. Much like we would nurture a little child we need to learn to nurture ourselves. Till the next time we meet. Peace and Serenity in your daily walk.