Help Wanted

Building a shark spotting unmanned autonomous vehicle that uses deep learning neural networks to identify potentially aggressive marine wildlife along coastlines in near realtime is challenging, not just because of technology, but because it takes some invaluable domain knowledge to do it correctly.

Firefighters, lifeguards, and similar professionals have a tremendous amount of domain knowledge that make their job nearly impossible to simulate, say, with an artificial intelligence.

We at Red Triangle Technology are a group of engineers, scientists, and field workers that are building technology and tooling to make the jobs of firefighters, lifeguards, and others more efficient with the intent of making ocean faring sports safer. And, we need help!

We especially need help from domain experts working in the field that are willing to partner with us to help tailor our product to their use cases. Our partnership might involve:

  • Receiving training on our product offering, including piloting UAV and reviewing annotating mission data.
  • Giving feedback on the product in order to make it easier to use, more useful for your use case, or different.

If you’re interested in learning more, want to help, or just want to share you thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Email us at redtriangletech[at]