Facebook stepping up presence in Bangalore, India

Facebook has leased 220,000 sq.ft. of space at Embassy Golf Links in Bangalore. According to a TOI report, the company is expected to move into the new facility next year and employ 2,200 people to work from its new premises.

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Target moved out of Embassy Golf Links, relocating to Prestige Ferns Galaxy and Manyata Embassy Business Park respectively. The companies are understood to have made the move in order to consolidate operations and reduce operational expenditure.

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Facebook also has a 23,000 sq.ft. office in central Delhi since last year and a 22,000 sq.ft. space in Mumbai since 2015. According to the TOI report, the company already has a small presence in Bangalore at Prestige Trade Towers and UB City which will move to the new facility next year.

Facebook set up its first office in India at Hyderabad in 2010, where the company now has a significant presence. Recently, the company had contracted Genpact to provide content management services by hiring moderators to help the social media giant flag and take-down inappropriate content on its platform. Facebook is in the process of doubling the team working on safety and security to 20,000 globally. Most of the new positions in India have been created in Hyderabad.

According to a 2018 Statista report the number of Facebook users in India is expected to grow from 194.11 million in 2017 262 million by 2022.