IISc launches Indian Urban Data Exchange for Smart Cities in Bangalore

Arjun G
Arjun G
Dec 17, 2018 · 2 min read

The Indian Institute of Science(IISc) has launched a pilot project for the Indian Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) in Electronics City (a township of Bangalore). IISc was awarded a grant by India’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) to develop specifications for APIs and data schemas for this data exchange and to create an open source reference implementation. This will be deployed and tested in Electronics City as a pilot project. It was launched last week at the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) office.

This platform is intended to facilitate easy and efficient exchange of data among various stakeholders of Smart Cities by interconnecting disparate urban data platforms, and enabling co-creation and innovation. IISc will release an open source reference implementation for IUDX by March or June 2019. This reference implementation will be trialled on the pilot site.

IISc will lead this effort to create the specifications for such a data exchange platform in collaboration with industry, NGOs and other government agencies. MoHUA identified the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems at IISc as a partner to drive this initiative to establish an open-source IUDX software platform. It will form a consortium (March 2019) to further develop and maintain IUDX.

The city administrators and officials of Smart Cities are now looking at leveraging the variety and volume of data being generated by smart sensors deployed in their cities, in order to generate additional business intelligence to further improve their operational excellence. In order to facilitate this, MoHUA has identified the need for a standards based, open Data Exchange framework, that will enable easy exchange of data between various city departments and organisations. Such a framework will enable a true data empowerment for the city’s administrators and other stakeholders and usher in the phase of data driven, smart operations for our cities,” read a communiqué from the institute.

Prof. Amrutur Bharadwaj of IISc giving details and roadmap of India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) project at the Industry Stakeholders Meet in Electronics City

Open source is the only way to make different people work together,” said Dr. Inder Gopal, visiting professor, IISc.

Sixty five per cent of India’s GDP comes from cities. Urbanisation leads to economic growth. Challenge is how to make these cities more sustainable. Smart Cities have to work with a collective consciousness to better the life of urban citizens. Technology can enable this. Data-driven governance of Smart Cities is most important goal and IUDX will be essential in reaching this goal,” said Kunal Kumar, Smart Cities Mission Director.

More information on the vision for IUDX and the consortium can be found in this White Paper (“The Indian Urban Data Exchange: An overview of the rationale, architecture and methodology”)


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