IPEC Drive Systems to Produce ‘one-cell’ EV Powertrain in India

Arjun G
Arjun G
Nov 22, 2018 · 2 min read

IPEC Drive Systems Pvt Ltd (IDS), a joint-venture between IPEC India Pvt Ltd and L7 Drive Ltd of Finland, will customise, adapt and manufacture L7 drive systems for electric vehicle manufacturers globally in India. L7, Finland has developed an electric drive solution that simplifies the power train using parallel battery cell configurations. The JV envisages to bring this technology to Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs).

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The L7 drive technology uses one single Li-ion battery cell, or a pack of parallel connected cells, to drive an electric motor in an electric vehicle. This eliminates the need for a Battery Management System (BMS) and the problems associated with cell balancing. “The solution results in superior vehicle range, enhanced performance and increased reliability while optimising overall costs. The cloud connectivity capability of these drive systems system can transform electric vehicles to becoming connected vehicles, a critical aspect for the future,” read a communiqué from the company.

The new company was formally launched by Nina Vaskunlahti, Ambassador of Finland to India, at the Embassy of Finland in New Delhi on 19 November 2018 at the Embassy of Finland, New Delhi.

Our team is already working on customising the L7 Drive for customers in India with production expected to start shortly. Engagements with several other LEV producers and autonomous mobile robot manufacturers are in progress,” said , Member of the Board, IDS.

We are excited to introduce this technology to the world after a long developing process. We believe that the versatility of this technology is especially suitable for OEMs requiring a simple and reliable powertrain solution for e-mobility applications in a wide variety of environments,” said , Member of the Board, IDS.

The L7 Drive system is going to revolutionise the light electric vehicle industry. The developing world, in particular, could see a rapid growth in LEVs with improved range and performance, lower costs and maintenance becoming simpler,” said , Chairman, IDS.

L7 Drive was founded in 2010, with its headquarters in Lohja, southern Finland. The company develops novel electric powertrain solutions for light electric vehicles and autonomous mobile robots.

IPEC India Pvt Ltd is promoted equally by Meher, Bangalore, Sung Ho Electronics, South Korea and Deki. The company builds power electronic and energy storage systems for e-mobility and renewable energy. It also offers a software solution “ChargeFlo”.


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