This morning, President Trump gave into reporters and called for an investigation into his made up claims of voter fraud. He made the announcement via twitter, presumably while getting pissed off watching the Today Show.

This investigation will not do Trump any good since the claim is completely made up. It’s only been a few hours since his tweet and journalists have already discovered his daughter, top aid, and one of his cabinet nominee’s are registered in two states. This is part of the problem that Trump claims amounts to voter fraud.

So why investigate? Well, it’s an ego thing for one. But the bigger issue is the second half of Trump’s announcement tweet:

Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!

This is political code for prevent people from voting. The GOP has been trying to make voting harder for years. Voter ID laws, shortening early voting, preventing votes on Sundays… these are all ways Republicans have tried to prevent people from voting.

Trump’s fake fraud claim will now generate a bogus investigation that will be used to justify new voting laws. This is not ok. It’s already begun in Virginia.