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Handling Istio Sidecars in Kubernetes Jobs

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Kubernetes Jobs


Istio High Level —
Istio High Level Architecture —

The problem with Kubernetes Jobs and Istio Sidecars

Stopping an Istio Sidecar Automatically

Option 1: Disabling Istio Sidecar injection

Option 2: Use `pkill` to stop the Istio Process

Option 3: envoy-preflight

$ envoy-preflight <command>
envoy-preflight: quitquitquit sent, response: Response(200)# /quitquitquit is Envoy's Admin API endpoint to trigger a shutdown
$ curl
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 15000: Connection refused
# is Envoy's Admin API port
# Found in Istio Docs
istio-proxy Running

Short Term Solution — Scuttle

  1. Polls the Envoy sidecar proxy for readiness before starting the Job’s task.
  2. Stops Envoy when the job is finished.
  3. Forwards the exit code from whatever command is used for the Job’s task.

Long Term Solution — Istio 1.3 and Core k8s Support

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