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Team Health Part 2

Influencing done right

“Bubu the Guinea Pig, Knitting” by Miri-Noristudio
  • Safety and Trust
  • Structure
  • Autonomy


Influencing Done Right

  1. Build a trusting relationship. Surprise! Well hopefully not. If you do not have good relationships with all the people on your team, this where you have to start.
  2. Understand their point of view. Once people trust you, they will open up. And you can take time and listen to them. Their ideas, their goals, their motivations.
  3. Share the impact of their actions. Now we are getting somewhere. It is time to come back to the issue at hand and get our offenders to see what effect they have on others. Not to tell them off, but to get them to see what you see.
  4. Action plan and feedback. After they know what is going on, it is time to figure out a plan (together) and check-in on a regular basis. And when required, give some feedback to adjust the course.



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