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Team Health Part 3

Group influencing done right

“Japanese Red Crown Crane by Ogata Korin 1658–1716” by IslandArt
  • The goal is still to affect and improve behaviour within the team to increase its effectiveness
  • The core principle to our approach remains the same: Not being directive, but encourage change from within

Group Influencing Done Right

  1. Surface opportunities. The suggestions, pain points, or ideas need to come from members of the team, not from yourself. But you can play a critical role facilitating and guiding, for example by setting up a themed retro or running a team workshop.
  2. Team commitment. Once issues or opportunities are out in the open, the team needs to agree on the areas they want to improve on. Focus on two or three areas. Do not try and fix everything at once.
  3. Iterate. After the team commits to a problem area, it is time for a game plan. And once again, it should be up to the team to find solutions.
  1. List out the four (five) stages
  2. Every team member picks the stage they think the team is in
  3. For each of the four phases, get folks to list examples of matching behaviour




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