2 Million downloads and counting

Mobile first: A term we have been coming across very recently across articles and company descriptions. Here is a design description from 2009 by Luke Wroblewski. My take is simple — Mobile first means that all the tactical, strategic and design principles of the firm will cater to the mobile needs over anything else.

Anyway, redBus.in has been in the news for various reasons and one of the latest achievements has been 2 Million app downloads across all 3 of its applications iOS, Windows & Android. Below is an infographic about the redBus.in application journey.

As you can see the 1 million mark took us almost about 18 months whereas the next million has come within a span of just under 4 months. It speaks volumes of how fast the app ecosystem is catching up, our commitment to mobile and the adoption of mobile in India’s market. Looks like mobile sales will be overtaking desktop sales soon. However, only time will tell and we have to wait and watch.

redBus.in apps have started contributing over 50% of its mobile transactions and all our trends suggest that this will only grow further and fast. Please share comments and feedback below about the redBus.in application along with your thoughts for a mobile first strategy.

Originally published at blog.redbus.in on September 11, 2014.