Introducing BHIM Payments on redBus!

redBus launches online payments through BHIM (UPI-based digital payments launched by Govt. of India in collaboration with NPCI) to simplify bus booking experience for its customers.

Here are five reasons why you should install BHIM on your mobile app and start using it!

  1. Simple and easy interface:

You will simply love the BHIM interface! The app offers its three features straightforward: send money, receive money and Scan&Pay. You can pay with a single click in less than 10 seconds using BHIM on redBus app.

Download and install the BHIM app from Playstore (watch the video here for registration) before proceeding towards “BHIM” option on redBus. If you already have the BHIM app on mobile, here is a short tutorial on how to pay using BHIM on redBus.

2. No need to remember bank account details:

You don’t need to search for your debit/credit card details or remember your internet banking login credentials anymore. Your bank account will be linked and verified only once on BHIM and you can create a virtual payment address: Phonenumber@UPI or Yourname@UPI as per the availability of this name (similar to availability of an email ID when you register on Gmail).

BHIM also works across all banks and you do not need to download different apps in case you have multiple accounts in different banks.

3. No need to add money into any prepaid instrument:

You do not need to add money into any wallet for payment because BHIM is directly linked to your bank account. Also many of us assume that mPin for bank account needs to be enabled for BHIM payments but the PIN prompted by the BHIM app during registration is a new four digit code which you can set at that instant.

4. Security & Reliabity:

Launched by NPCI, BHIM is powered by Govt. of India, which impresses upon a strong trust on the app compared to any other payment instrument. BHIM communicates to your bank account directly and doesn’t not store your card details anywhere.

The app sets three levels of authentication to keep your bank account details absolutely safe and secure

  • The mPin you set during app registration locks your app to the device. So any device theft will not compromise on your bank details as mPin is required to open the app
  • The UPI pin locks the bank account to BHIM app. In a situation where your mPin is hacked by someone, UPI pin is required to access your bank account
  • The device-finger-printing locks the phone to the bank account, so SIM theft will not compromise on your security as entire registration process will be triggered, validating your mPin and UPin all over again.

5. Faster Refunds

BHIM ensures processing of refunds instantly with IMPS transfer, with a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. The average time for the refund-money to be credited in your bank account is around 5–7 working days for payments through credit/debit cards or internet banking.

So, go ahead! Pay on redBus using the fastest and most secure payment mode, new BHIM app.

Originally published at on April 28, 2017.