Introducing ‘Rest Stop’ feature

A few weeks back we launched ‘Rest Stop’ feature on redBus to help you locate the rest stops at the push of a button. At redBus we work hard to make the journey a peaceful one for you and your loved ones. We realized that most of our travelers are bothered about where their bus stops for food or rest-room breaks, but that they just don’t find this data anywhere. We thought we will solve the problem with the help of buses with live tracking — this will help travelers discover ‘Rest Stops’ through their journey

Now hop into the bus and relax!

Before booking the bus:

1. Make sure you look for the Rest stop icon on the bus search results page

2. Click on the link and you will get a page with the ‘Rest Stop’ details

3. Note the details for time of arrival of ‘Rest Stop’ and plan your break ahead of time

We are excited to launch this and we will continue to help make the journey as convenient as possible for redBus travelers. A regular redBus traveler Venkatesh says “Now I can plan my trip ahead of time when it comes to kids needing a break for dinner or using rest rooms, kudos to redBus for making this happen“. More to come very soon. Stay tuned!

Originally published at on May 24, 2016.

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