Minibus — Traveling on Longer Routes is Fun

Shraddhanvita Tiwari
Sep 18 · 5 min read
Hiring minibus rentals for longer routes in India
Hiring minibus rentals for longer routes in India

redBus is one of the largest online bus booking platforms in the contemporary landscape. You can also rent a minibus via the minibus rentals provided by redBus. In the past few years, redBus has extended its services, and now one can hire/rent vehicles with the help of redBus. A minibus is offered for rental via redBus, and it is a convenient vehicle for traveling on long routes with a larger group of people. One can easily check the fare details of minibus offered by various operators via redBus. redBus always provides you with genuine service with no chance of fraud and anomalies. redBus has been in the transportation sector for a long time now, and it uses its sources to provide you with the best service. Let us see more details about minibus rentals via redBus.

Types of Minibus offered by redBus

There are various types of minibus offered for rentals via redBus. One can choose a suitable one depending upon the number of people that are traveling together. The most preferred types of minibus offered by redBus are as follows.

• 15-Seater Minibus

• 18-Seater Minibus

• 20-Seater Minibus

• 21-Seater Minibus

• 22-Seater Minibus

• 25-Seater Minibus

Why is renting a minibus for long routes profitable?

• You can travel wherever you want to and can visit all the tourist attractions in any particular city. If you choose public transport, you have to choose from fixed stops and visit those places only. If you have rented a minibus via redBus, you can customize your trip and spend more time on any tourist attraction.

• redBus offers affordable services in terms of vehicle rental. You can compare rental charges of different operators and can choose the best one.

• If you are visiting a new city, then hiring a minibus is best for you as it will reduce the struggle one will face in finding public transport. You can move to places at any hour of the day if you have rented a vehicle. If your journey is long, you may have to change many public transport modes to cover the route.

• Large groups of people can travel together in a minibus, and a long journey would be more pleasant. Minibuses available for rental via redBus are also equipped with basic and luxurious amenities, which you can check in advance via redBus.

• You can also get a driver for your rented vehicle via redBus. Local drivers know the city and routes very well, and you can enjoy your trip fully.

• There are a lot of risks associated with traveling in public transports like theft, crowding, etc. If you have rented a minibus via redBus, you will be secure and can experience a safe journey. The present Covid-19 scenario is also dangerous, and it can get even more dangerous when you are amidst the crowd. It will be a lot safer to book a vehicle on rental. redBus also ensures that safety measures are taken against Covid-19 for the safety of its passengers.

Cities covered by redBus rental

redBus provides vehicle renting facilities across major cities of India. redBus is continuously working on increasing rental services in many other cities. The top cities in which redBus provides minibus rental services are Delhi, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mysore, Madurai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Coimbatore, etc. One can easily check the availability of minibus rentals in his/her desired city via redBus. The interface of redBus is quite simple and informative.

Fare list of minibus rentals in different cities

redBus provides rental services across PAN India. You can easily check fare details of different operators once you enter your trip details on redBus. You will receive the total mini bus price of your journey based on your trip details by redBus in advance. The fare details of minibus rentals in some top cities are as follows:

Minibus rentals details India
Minibus rentals details India

Amenities offered by minibuses

The amenities can differ in different minibuses. There are economical as well as luxury minibus available on redBus. One can check the amenities offered by any particular operator before renting a minibus. The list of amenities available on minibuses via redBus is as follows:

• Charging Point

• Reading light

• Air-conditioners

• Adjustable Seats

• Central Television

• Speakers/Music System


• Disposable Seat Covers

• Seat Pouch

How to hire a minibus via redBus?

The steps to book a minibus on rental via redBus is as follows:

• Open the redBus mobile application or visit the official website i.e.,, and click on the ‘Bus Hire’ option visible on the interface. You can also follow this link to jump directly to the minibus rental page.

• Enter your details in the sections ‘City of Hire’, ‘Starting Point,’ and ‘Destination’. After entering the aforementioned details, click on the ‘Hire’ button.

• You will have to enter details of your trip on the next page, like the number of persons traveling, stoppage points. You can choose between AC or Non-AC vehicles and a one-way trip or a round trip. You can also feed any special requests in terms of vehicle/amenities required.

• Enter your name and contact information on the next page and verify your mobile number via the OTP received.

• You will receive trip quotations of vehicles from different operators. You can compare and choose the preferred one.

• You have to make at least half payment in advance to confirm your rental; the rest of the payment can be made at the time of commencement of the journey.

• You will receive the necessary details like operator number, booking confirmation on your contact provided. You can easily rent a minibus via the simple redBus interface.

• In case of any query/confusion, one can reach out at There is also a call back option visible to you in the quotation received from redBus. You can request a call from the customer support executive who will clarify your doubts.

You can book a minibus on rent via redBus, and it is the best-suited vehicle for long journeys. redBus always provides you with genuine services and does not levy any unnecessary charges on its customers. Renting a minibus is quite convenient than lurking in public transports amidst the crowd. You can refer to the details mentioned above and book a minibus on rental via redBus easily.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

Shraddhanvita Tiwari

Written by

Shraddhanvita is a blogger at redBus. A believer of ‘a rolling stone does gather moss’, she loves to travel, click photographs, and sip green tea.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

Shraddhanvita Tiwari

Written by

Shraddhanvita is a blogger at redBus. A believer of ‘a rolling stone does gather moss’, she loves to travel, click photographs, and sip green tea.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

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