redBus completes 11 crore+ bus ticket bookings in its 11th Year

11 years of transforming bus travel in India.

It was the year of 2005, long before smartphones and wifi speeds took over the world by storm. A need was identified to change the way a largely offline and unorganized bus ticket booking industry in India functioned. The bus travel industry was marred with irregularities in quality of service, among other things.

The need to move from offline to online

Dependent on traditional ways of booking bus tickets, bus travelers were often faced with disappointments due to unavailability of seats and opaque pricing, especially during long weekends and festivals.

At the same time, bus operators and owners, struggling with inefficiencies, were losing business as neither were they able to cater to demand on peak days, nor optimize their resources to ensure maximum possible occupancy rates on non-peak days.

redBus was born and things were never the same..

In August 2006, 11 years ago, redBus was born and things were never the same as before for millions of bus travellers and countless bus operators.

redBus in 2006

Redbus in its capacity, in the last 11 years has tried its best to, single-handedly change the perception about bus travel in India with a dedicated mission to make it the most efficient, economic and best mode of travel in India.

redBus in 2017

Some interesting facts from our bus journey so far

  • 11,21,67,343 bus tickets have been booked on redBus, still counting
  • On 11th August 2017, every minute, 115 people boarded buses with a seat booked on redBus, for travel during the long weekend
  • 3 buses are being filled by seats booked on redBus every 2 minutes, as we speak
  • 5679 cities & towns in India were visited by people who booked on redBus, that’s approximately 71% of all cities and towns in India. Source
  • 36 hours, the longest known comfortable journey from Bangalore to Jodhpur that was booked on redBus

Beyond seat selection & discounts

Numbers were just a by-product of what we set out to achieve. After pioneering & mastering bus choices and seat selection, we took many steps ahead in making life easier for bus travelers by launching a number of features.

A quick look at the eventful and Incredible 11 years of redBus

  • Mobile tickets to introduce paperless, printer free travel
  • GPS enabled Live Bus Tracking so you know exactly when to board your bus and from where
  • Launched Ratings & Reviews so you are able to decide the right bus for you
  • 6AM Check-in option at hotels for people arriving early to their destination
  • Bus Hire for group travelers
  • End to End Pilgrimage destination experience
  • Free Wifi on buses
  • Operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, & Peru
  • sophisticated demand & supply estimation tools for bus operators

and a lot more.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our bus operator partners as well as our 11 million+ customers for being there for us. It wouldn’t have been possible without your patience and support.