Why Some RTC Buses Have Got a Huge Fan List

Shraddhanvita Tiwari
Sep 24 · 5 min read
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Being a highly populated country, there is a huge public transport requirement for people to commute from one place to another. RTC buses are excellently serving that purpose. In India, there are about 55 RTCs, which are operative nationwide. These RTC buses aim to provide the best and most comfortable journeys to their passengers to maintain passenger loyalty.

Talking about passengers’ loyalty, some specific companies are most demanded in their particular areas where they serve. People travel through these buses daily because of various reasons. Some of the reasons that draw people over and again to these buses can be:


Cost plays a significant role in determining service popularity, especially in a developing country like India. RTC buses are majorly used by the set of people who seek comfortable travel for less money. RTC buses’ affordability is a major point of attraction for these travelers as they may have to commute regularly. Also, all the daily commuters can get an RTC bus pass made for saving some money.


Apart from being affordable, RTC buses specialize in providing a variety of types to the passengers. Every passenger may not just focus on the price, but some may even be quality-sensitive. For all the passengers who look forward to a comfortable and luxurious journey irrespective of the price they have to pay, RTC buses are the right choice.


There is a huge list of amenities that the passengers may find inside the RTC buses. Although these amenities may vary depending on the bus companies, routes, or price to be paid, the list is still quite long. Some of the most common amenities in RTC buses are:

  1. Air-Conditioners
  2. Television
  3. GPS Tracking
  4. First-Aid
  5. Wi-Fi
  6. Comfortable Seats
  7. Ample of Legroom
  8. SOS Emergency Phone
  9. Emergency Exit

People traveling daily can get an RTC bus pass made for their convenience.

Hassle-free booking

Almost all the RTC buses have the option to be booked online in advance in case you need to travel. In today’s modern and technical era, this is the biggest motivating factor for the people to commute through buses as they can easily look up at the prices and minute details about RTC buses through applications like redBus. These applications facilitate the users for easy booking of RTC buses.

Timely departures

RTC buses have got a huge fan list because they do not just provide amazing services but also don’t waste the time of their passengers. All the RTC buses follow schedules properly and ensure that every bus leaves at scheduled RTC bus timings without causing any inconvenience to the passengers. If you don’t want to miss your bus by wasting your time buying the counter’s ticket, the facility of RTC bus pass can be used.


Considering the current situation of COVID, people are still hesitant to travel through public transport. However, RTC buses have won people’s trust by providing them with safe travel by taking all the precautionary measures. All the RTC buses follow the guidelines given by the Indian government concerning the widespread coronavirus.

Some Extremely Popular RTC Buses

Out of all the RTCs, some buses have gained massive passenger loyalty due to the outstanding services they provide. Following is the list of most popular RTC buses along with the initiatives they have taken for an uninterrupted journey during the challenging times of COVID.


Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation leads in providing superb travel experiences to the passengers. APSRTC bus reservations can be made online without making many efforts. APSRTC ensures that all the passengers traveling in its buses are safe. For this, the company has taken various initiatives like:

  • To maintain proper physical distancing, APSRTC has transformed some of its 36-seater buses into 26-seater buses. The newly modified buses have three rows to ensure the appropriate distance between the people sitting on either of the outer rows.
  • APSRTC has made smartphones available for all the workers so that digital transactions can be emphasized in the place of using currency notes.


Responsible for carrying a huge number of people daily, Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation takes full charge to provide the best bus travel to its passengers. It has taken the following initiatives:

  • GSRTC buses do not travel through the containment zones no matter what.
  • GSRTC motivates the passengers to make use of e-ticketing so that physical-ticketing can be avoided.
  • Every bus is washed inside out after every trip.
  • GSRTC motivates daily travelers to get an RTC bus pass made to avoid physical touch daily.


Ferrying over 90 lakh passengers daily, Telangana State Road Transport Corporation is known for its well-designed buses and efficient services. This RTC has gained mass popularity because of its initiatives to fight the deadly virus widespread and provide safe travel to the passengers amidst such a situation. Some initiatives by TSRTC are:

  • TSRTC has educated all the staff members well about the safe conduct with the passengers in the buses.
  • TSRTC provides hand-sanitizers in the buses to be used by all the individuals on board.
  • TSRTC has scheduled its RTC bus timings according to the time restrictions by the authorities.


The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation follows all the government guidelines regarding the safety of the passengers. Some of the initiatives taken by KSRTC buses are:

  • Online platforms are being highlighted for Karnataka RTC bus booking to avoid physical touch during manual booking.
  • Passengers have to compulsorily go through thermal screening before they can board the bus.
  • Buses are properly disinfected.

5. Kerala SRTC

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation is considered to be the oldest than the others. Still, it ranks among the best RTCs across India. Kerala SRTC has taken the following initiatives:

  • The 39-seater Kerala SRTC buses have been changed to 29-seater to ensure an appropriate distance between people sitting on their seats.
  • Kerala SRTC motivates people for an online Kerala SRTC bus booking to emphasize online-ticketing.
  • Passengers are not provided with personal blankets inside KRTC buses to avoid any kind of contact.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

Shraddhanvita Tiwari

Written by

Shraddhanvita is a blogger at redBus. A believer of ‘a rolling stone does gather moss’, she loves to travel, click photographs, and sip green tea.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

Shraddhanvita Tiwari

Written by

Shraddhanvita is a blogger at redBus. A believer of ‘a rolling stone does gather moss’, she loves to travel, click photographs, and sip green tea.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

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