Tamil Nadu — Pongal 2017 — Update

As part of our constant endeavor to improve the quality and safety of bus travel, time-to-time we weed-out those bus operators from redBus who do not meet certain quality and service standards leading to passenger dissatisfaction and poor customer ratings for these operators. Some of the operators who have not been able to meet these standards and hence been discontinued from our system have been recently indulging in false propaganda about bus operators not honoring redBus tickets. We would like to re-assure our users and reaffirm that ALL bus operators would honor tickets booked through redBus through the Pongal period and beyond. redBus continues to strive to improve the ecosystem of Bus travel for both bus operators and passengers.

redBus is a valued partner for us. All tickets sold on redBus would be honored by bus operators. And we support the initiatives taken by redBus in this instance to improve the quality of bus travel.” Mr. Afzal, President — TN Omni Bus operators association

We would also like to clarify that as an online marketplace for bus tickets, redBus does not set the prices for tickets and only displays the ticket fare set by bus operators. During festival season, there is a cap on maximum fares that is advised by the TN Omni Bus Operators Association in consultation with the Govt. of TN, which redBus strictly adheres to. In such cases, redBus does not display those bus operators whose fares are higher than the prescribed maximum.

Coverage in dailies: New Indian Express Dina Malar Daily Thanthi

Originally published at blog.redbus.in on January 10, 2017.

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