Useful Tips While Choosing a Minibus Rental

Shraddhanvita Tiwari
Sep 9 · 5 min read
Minibus rentals in India
Minibus rentals in India

When traveling with a small group of people, in a bid to have personal and more comfortable travel experience, nothing can beat a minibus. Being a vehicle with limited seating, minibus travel allows for the experience of a luxurious journey. It also comes with the option of selecting your amenities from a huge variety to make your journey more comfortable with respect to your specific needs. While booking a minibus, one needs to keep in mind certain tips in order to get the most out of the minibus rental booking experience.

  1. Find a rental service that is both reliable as well as best suited for your travel needs.

Renting a minibus turns into a chore if the right rental service is not chosen. With redBus renting a minibus has never been easier, given its application as well as the approach of the user-friendly website. With redBus, you save a large amount of effort as well as money and time. It also makes you avoid the usual process of directly contacting operators and bargaining over the rentals’ prices by displaying to you the best prices and deals available. Allowing you to select from a range of provisions, redBus ensures a hassle-free booking experience and smooth journey.

2. Look at the amenities being provided and make sure the rental service is well equipped to meet your expectations.

While traveling, nobody would want to have any hiccups along the way, especially when they have spent their time and money renting a minibus. redBus does not allow its customers to feel even a tiny bit of inconvenience. It offers travelers a custom booking experience, allowing them to choose between various amenities and thus create a journey plan well suited to their specific needs. Among the basic amenities provided, redBus also has provisions such as LED television, push-back seats along with maximal leg space, air conditioning, well-cushioned interiors, and spacious luggage holding areas. In times of a pandemic like this one, ensuring hygiene and safety is a must. redBus handles this with the utmost care and mandates the upkeep of its vehicles to meet safety requirements.

3. Compare the various minibus models available as well as the operators providing them.

As a traveler, you will require a particular type of minibus to ensure your satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of the members of the group you are traveling with. Minibuses are great in this respect as they allow a personal and comfortable experience. redBus allows an easy and accessible booking experience. Depending on your travel locations, redBus offers a variety of minibus models. Based on the model and the operator, the minibus may vary in terms of seating and provisions. redBus allows you to check each model’s availability with ease and thus choose the one that best suits you for your travel.

Generally, operators provide the following seating options across numerous cities. They are:

  • 12 seater minibus
  • 15 seater minibus
  • 18 seater minibus
  • 20 seater minibus
  • 21 seater minibus
  • 22 seater minibus
  • 25 seater minibus

redBus also provides selection amongst numerous options for minibus models. The availability of these depends on the cities as well as the route taken up by the operator.

The minibuses that are generally available across various cities are:

  • Force Motors A/C which is a 26 seater with a (2+3) seating arrangement
  • Force Motors A/C with a 26 seater (2+2) arrangement
  • Force Motors Non-A/C with a 26 seater (2+2) arrangement
  • Eicher A/C which has a (2+1) seating arrangement, accommodating 24 people
  • Eicher A/C with a 21 seater (2+1) arrangement
  • Eicher A/C with a 25 seater (2+2) arrangement
  • Mercedes Benz A/C with a 30 seater (2+2) arrangement
  • Ashok Layland A/C with a 26 seater (2+2) arrangement
  • TATA A/C with a 27 seater (2+2) arrangement
  • Swaraj Mazda A/C with a 22 seater (2+1) arrangement
  • Swaraj Mazda Non-A/C with a 22 seater (2+1) arrangement

Checking the various operators running and providing service is easy with redBus as it presents you with all available and possible options.

4. Finding out the pricings and comparing each according to your budget

While booking a rental for your minibus travel, you may need to check and compare the prices of each option presented to you in order to adhere to a budget. Normally also it is wise to do so in order to ensure a cost-effective booking experience.

When looking at the prices, you need to keep in mind how the charging is done. You would thus need to find out whether the pricing is done based on the distance being traveled or the travel duration.

With redBus, the booking is priced on a per-kilometer basis. This cost varies from one operator to another as well as based on the various passenger accommodation. Each operator fixes a certain price. In addition to this, other charges are made. These include the toll fee and hiring charge, which needs to be given by the customer.

To give you an idea of the charging done per kilometer, how it depends on the model specifications and how it may vary from one operator to another, here are some examples:

  • Delhi NCR -

Operator — Arora Travels ( TATA A/C 21 seater) Per kilometre charge — INR 31

Operator — Cosy Travels ( TATA A/C 27 seater) Per kilometre charge — INR 35

  • Bangalore -

Operator — Sam Tourist (TATA NON-A/C 21 seater)

Per kilometer charge — INR 24

Operator — Rashmi Travels (Swaraj Mazda 21 seater)

Per kilometer charge — INR 21

5. Find out the various precautionary and safety measures taken up by the rental service

During this pandemic, the risks of traveling are minimized when traveling in a smaller group of friends and family. Thus, minibuses are the safest travel vehicle option at the moment. It is thus important to look for a travel service that promises its customers their safety. Various preventive and precautionary measures to look for are sanitation of the vehicle, provision of sanitizers, requirement of masks, etc.

In order to ensure its passenger’s health and safety, redBus has come up with a move called SafetyPlus. Here are the measures that it entails:

  • Mandating masks for both staff and travelers
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitation of the minibus
  • Provision of hand sanitizers
  • Temperature checks before and after boarding
  • Blankets will not be provided in order to curb the spread of infectious diseases.

Hopefully, these tips come in handy when you are trying to book your minibus for your next journey!

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

Shraddhanvita Tiwari

Written by

Shraddhanvita is a blogger at redBus. A believer of ‘a rolling stone does gather moss’, she loves to travel, click photographs, and sip green tea.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

Shraddhanvita Tiwari

Written by

Shraddhanvita is a blogger at redBus. A believer of ‘a rolling stone does gather moss’, she loves to travel, click photographs, and sip green tea.

redbus India Blog

redBus India Blog

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