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A Call to the Crypto World

After few weeks from launching ReCab ICO, it was obvious people are liking it and are supporting it , they felt Redcab team passion and enthusiasm to deliver a totally revamped business model to the transportation industry supported and powered by blockchain, they loved the vision and the road map, they also loved the progress we have done so far. However the most important thing is that Redcab for blockchain is becoming a make or break, a hope for change, flagship for blockchain new business models, YES a flagship who toke a deep breath before tailoring a new business model to match blockchain technology neglecting the fact that blockchain as technology is still under many developments and iterations from the technical side and most of investors are still focusing on investing in platforms and security tokens more than utility tokens and services.
RedCab decided to do the business heaving lifting and choose the people’s battle.
After more than 2 months from launching the ICO, our community has expanded, our supporters are now every where around the world, people are meeting other people who don’t know and find RedCab a common topic to talk about, what we have dreamed of has become reality. it is not only to introduce a revamped business model built on blockchain but to make it real and adopt it worldwide for mass adoption of the crypto currencies and tokenization.
The crypto world is becoming more powerful, knowledgeable and hence more supportive, more events are happening almost every day for networking, sessions for awareness, and high level meetings for laws and regulations.
NOW, This is a call to all crypto businesses, start ups, mentors, Experts, speakers, developers, investors to put a hand in RedCab to push the ship one step forward towards our goal to be a flagship business model in the blockchain and a lighthouse for blockchain business ships.

When the Crypto community stands for one goal, creating one big connected but scattered team, Putting all efforts together. to reach a target, achieving the target becomes the only result.

Sharing economy, redistribution of wealth, building global community are all achievable with the help of each other, simple contribution is what make a huge difference. liking a post, sharing an article, writing a comment, contributing in the ICO, it doesn't matter how you are going to contribute. what really matters is you never ever stand silent.

Stand up for change, stand up for RedCab…