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How to Build a Sharing Community!

Building a business is tough but building a community is way harder, not like other businesses Redcab is not building a business, we are building a community while building the business together. Our people and our partners are considered the main pillars for constructing a successful ans sustained business, and here we have put together some ground rolls in building our community as mentioned below.


We are not just going to ask you for your email to send you promotions and call this “Engagement” this is “Sales”, or even end you free trips or discounts and then take it doubled through high prices this is “Scam”. We have considered engagement in every aspect of RedCab business wither on the Mobile App or Social media channels. if you are a driver and using the App most probably you will become an addict to the gamefaied reality Map which will turn your road trip into a game. and if you are a customer you will be astonished from how you can convert your day to day road trips into fun and cash to your wallet. “Happy Days ..ha”.


Our community is our partner, we believe in the famous word describing business as “Dynamic”. we build and iterate the business that suits us as community and benefit us all. we learn from our data and listen to our customers to react promptly and become more flexible to change which will impact business immunity.


When you belong to a global community that makes you engaged, empowered and also rewarded for your best achievements to highlight your impact on others and the business, you will be automatically encouraged to stay connected and stay productive. this will also impact your loyalty to the community and the business.


We are all living on the same planet, when we are many acting as one we need to be responsible about our actions, we need to plan for the future with building a conscious business model and technology to benefit humanity.

“In every article i will ask everyone to share his thoughts and share this thought if you feel it will make a difference and will push us forward.”