REDCAB COMMUNITY… We think people!

“Many people's hands are painted red to form together a large red heart” by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Redcab was born with a big passion to build a global transportation community around the world no matter how big it is and how diversified it looks, maybe not so many people know the essence of choosing the Red for our brand, However it is reflecting our passion to the people and the community.

But it’s never an easy job to build a healthy community and to control every single behavior and attitude of drivers and customers in an industry like car hailing, we have spent enough time studying how we can serve our community and make sure everyone is happy.

One of our main instruments to make sure we have a well established community based on ground roles like transparency, reward, safety, support and discipline is RedCab drivers & customers rating and feedback.

it’s not just giving a generic rating by choosing your option from 5 stars for the driver or a customer. we have designed a rating scheme based on score card KPI’s (key performance Indicator) so we can tune a specific behavior and easily alter customer experience. So for example SPEED is one of our main focus to keep our community safe and so it has a big weight in the driver KPI’s which will impact his evaluation and rating in case several breach to our SPEED policy.

Every driver has a score card, some of the KPI’s is generated from RedCab platform like speed, cancelling trips and many others. adding the customer rating as one of the KPI’s (NPS) to the score card to generate the driver final score from 100, this is how we rate our drivers community and make sure every single action is rewarded or penalized.

sample of Driver Score Card

Our drivers will be ranked in a global leadership board, this is how make our community competitive and always looking to be the best, A healthy competition works as a win win situation better serving our customers and delivering high quality service from one side and rewarding our top achieving drivers from another side.

Ranking for Drivers on a bill curve

RedCab will also have a better chance to monitor the performance and have control on the operation through the highlight on the operation pain and easily control it through the score system and adding more weight on the area of improvement.

Area of Improvements VS driver score card

As for customers RedCab feedback is not based on a 5 stars’ model (used model by other car hailing Apps). We consider our customers as partners hence their feedback is part of our process improvement. NPS (net promoting score) is designed not only for measuring customer experience but also to predict business growth and act as a gauge for customer loyalty and relationship. It will also reduce the costs of marketing due to penetration based upon word of mouth, as well as researching to benchmark customer satisfaction and help to monitor unsatisfied customers who can damage our brand image silently.

NPS score breakdown