Photo by David Grandmougin on Unsplash

Is RedCab Building A Gamified Reality…?

I really would love to share what Redcab is planning to do and build in the next few years in transportation industry and why it’s focusing on building a global community??

This article will need you to visualize how ordering a ride experience will look like after launching our new UI/UX with the help of our partner Wishknish to deliver an experience that would really make you order a ride not only to take you from point A to point B but also to make money, save money and play a game.

Now unleash your imagination, the first change is how the map will look like, it’s a gamified design showing your route from point A to point B and how many stores have REDC tokens Freebies and promotions on your way (Geo Ads).

What are REDC freebies and how it will impact customers, Drivers & Businesses???

Those are the free tokens that customers can easily collect by visiting one of RedCab Advertisers Network of Retail stores, gas stations and many others on your way to your destination. Drivers also will collect money from the waiting time and check in’s to the advertiser destination. It is great for the customers to collect tokens and save 30% of the trip flat rate (No Surge). For the driver earning more money and saving 20% cut (commission fees) is WOW, on the other hand driving more footfall for our advertisers is actually a bulls eye. This is how I see it as a business paying money on a billboard for 1,000,000 people to see it when 10% get attracted with a total conversion rate of only 1% . Well it’s not really worth it, however investing in the marketing business wallet on RedCab will ensure 100% of the budget is utilized on real footfall and higher conversion rates.

Leadership board with most collected tokens per day will be accumulated and shared with customers. This way you can have a lot of credits on your RedCab wallet by the end of the month and call your friend to offer him a free ride on your own being a champ in RedCab game.

One More option our customer will really like in Redcab is the adoption of COIN-AGNOSTIC SETTLEMENT powered by Wishknish which will allow our token holders to buy anything with REDC token on the marketplace through converting REDC token or any crypto currency on spot for purchases from one wallet on Wishknish network.

The best part in this game is while the customers are engaged with the service, they collect REDC tokens which you can easily use to buy many things including gas for your car and inviting more people for a ride. The community is empowering the purchase power of the REDC tokens. For example you can collect 2 REDC tokens and get 10% discount for one day and in another day you can get also 2 tokens to get 30% discount on your trip and even 3 liters gas in your car if you are a driver. This is the power of sharing economy and network dominance, the more demand the more purchase power — the more value.

This is what makes the difference, and this is why I get confused every single time people ask me why should I choose RedCab and not Uber? My reply is always the same: “Have you read the whitepaper?” That’s why I will always be writing and giving more details about our business model and how we are planning to grow and expand depending on building a global transportation community who can create value while having fun.

And always remember an Ocean, is a multitude of Drops” … Let’s build the next wave of transportation all together.