The future of BlockChain

Redcab LLC , A game Changer In The Transportation Industry

Blockchain can give the power back to the people and can change the way we live. Before the end of the last year we started seeing a great resistance from the governments and systems to regulate one of it’s applications which is “Crypto-Currencies” and even seize it but fortunately no one can stop something coming from the future as it will exist anyway, especially when it provided a solution to the pain of transfer of funds.

According to my grandma’s opinion Blockchain is about the transfer of digital assets between individuals, and tokens are used in money laundry and other evil deeds. While my cousin who is a young accountant sees that Blockchain will make revolution in critical industries such as Fintech which will affect everything else. Both opinions can be valid and lacks a lot of depth, as both are talking about 2 applications of this awesome technology. In fact, blockchain will have infinite applications and can allow people manifest their own future without a need to a “Third party” or “Big Brother”, so we need to make sure that correct choice is being made when investing in an ICO as this is seen one of the most important applications of Blockchain , a direct solution to “crowd-funding”. People can now invest in ideas that they believe in, ideas which can make life better, ideas that can fix real pain, conscious ones that really helps humanity in a world ran by corporates, that is why we participated in VestedSummit , the very first conference for “Conscious Tech” as an official transportation partner.

For more than 2 years, we studied the market pain and built our business model where we discovered that we can actually make money without ripping off customers or pressing on driver’s toes using a decentralized system balanced through Network Dominance as well as introducing new concepts such Proof of Driving & Proof of Marketing and managing our operation through analytical tools to tune the network, culture, behavior and style such as a reward & recognition program for high performance and warnings, penalties and suspensions for low performance and abusive actions. Governed by the community and backed-up by RedCab’s Customer Success moderators

At the end, RedCab has a dependency and correlation with Blockchain community expansion and progress, hence our business has a clear goal of contributing positively and aggressively for a better and well developed Blockchain environment. RedCab LLC will invest 5% from its annual profits in newly promising ICO’s introduced to the market and will help other ICO’s through partnerships and business cooperation to build a solid business network of partners and Start-ups that share the same vision of trying to make the world a better place where the fortunate would lift the unfortunate.