Scam on Telegram: How to stay away from ICO-related scam?

As the ICO market grows, scammers see an attractive opportunity to fool the ICO community members. Therefore, we want to publish this short guide, so you are aware of the risks on a telegram group.

Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

The main goal of any scammer is to receive your money and disappear. The main weapon is a fake identity, fake promises of quick profits or attractive discounts. Let’s imagine a common situation that happens on any telegram ICO discussion group.

For demonstration purposes I have created a demo account on telegram. This is how a dialogue with the scammer might look like.

This is for demonstration purpose ONLY

Here we can see, that the profile picture and name look the same as the real admin of RedCab.

If you receive such a message on Telegram, follow the steps below:

First of all read the Pinned message in the discussion group, and note that RedCab admins do not offer any profit opportunities or discounts in direct messages.

2. Moreover, RedCab admins will never send you any other contribution address than the one which is available on our official website

3. In case you still have doubts whether the person who is messaging you is really a RedCab representative, you have the option to make sure, that the username of in the profile picture is correct. For this you should check the pinned message in our official ICO Telegram group.

Pinned Message on RedCab Telegram group:

4. There you can find the usernames of the official RedCab representatives. Scammers are usually trying to imitate the username of the original admin. For this reason, it is not enough to check the username just by reading it.

For example you can have two usernames:

  1. B_Anna_V
  2. B_Anna_U

This is a simple example, how usernames might look similar and someone who did not pay too much attention in verifying the username might not notice the difference.

5. To avoid this confusion, you should click on the username in the pinned message, a new chat window with the admin will open. If this chat window contains the previous received messages, then you verified that the person who messaged you is indeed from RedCab. If the new chat window is empty, it means that the admin has not contacted you and the person who contacted you is a scammer.

6. You should not reply to the messages of this person. Report him as SPAM and inform the admins of RedCab by sending a message in the group, so that we can alert the community.

We at RedCab want you to stay alerted and be on the safe side so you can enjoy interactions with the community and participation in discussions.

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