Why Gamification to the car hailing industry?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Why is RedCab LLC adopting a gamification methodology and how gamification will impact the car hailing industry, and shape a new wave?

In this article i will answer those questions as they are the most asked to me in every meeting or interview.

“Gamification” is simply the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts like education, online community, web application etc., the main reason to adopt Gamification is to increase participation, engagement and loyalty. You will be shocked when knowing that there are 2.2 Billion gamer in the world with forecast to reach 2.7 Billion by 2021. Almost half of the population play games!

RedCab LLC with it’s innovative business model is transforming the car hailing industry by introducing a gamification based App to make money while playing a game.. so if you are a driver you will be collecting money while making more miles and also will collect coins by checking through our advertisers route, and if you are a customer you will collect money by referring a friend or checking in our advertisers premises (store).

So in another way, if you are a driver you will have a RedCab driver App with a map full of Coins/Tokens ready to be collected. From operations side we will use the coin/token allocation to better distribute cars in the high demand areas instead of surging the fares-high returns for drivers but high prices on customers- in addition to the Token generation algorithms for Proof of Driving and for customers they will have coins/tokens on the map allocated at our partners (advertisers) ready to be collected on visit. This is how we are going to use gamification to drive more engagement to the App and more traffic to our partners while you enjoy a safe trip.

RedCab LLC is offering the community an App to serve the customer who wants a ride absolutely free of charge, and for car owners and professional taxi drivers to make money while having fun.

For example if you requested a ride to visit a friend, and you are having your girl friend birthday the day after, you will get a notification by Cabbi with the nearest gift shops on your way with discount coupons and will give you an estimate time to visit the store and how long it will impact your trip time to arrive to your destination with the option to check for available gifts in the store. this will save the time and money to have another trip for a gift and will save you more money through discount vouchers. With RedCab you don’t have to make multiple trips through the day, RedCab will help you capitalize more on your time and save more to your wallet.

Stay tuned for more information on RedCab Marketplace…