Training for CBS Volunteers in Senegal

Rebecca Madeleine Bushby
Mar 13 · 2 min read

Story written by CBS Delegate Essokazim Tchedeli and adapted for the CBS blog.

A few weeks ago, the CBS team in Senegal spent 10 days in Kaolack conducting training for new CBS volunteers.

The Kaolack region is one of three places the CBS platform will be implemented in Senegal in 2019. It is located in the southern part of Senegal, bordering Gambia. Around 900,000 people live in the region, and is a popular stopping point for travels between Dakar and Banjul.

As part of the preparation for the CBS platform implementation, 24 participants attended the “training of trainers”. The participants learned how they could train other CBS volunteers in community-based health and first aid (CBHFA), and in epidemic control for volunteers (ECV), which are important aspects when responding to SMS reports coming into the CBS platform.

The 24 participants were mainly Red Cross instructors and supervisors who will be taking part in the implementation of the CBS platform, following up on the volunteers, the alerts and the response mechanisms. They will be training the 300 community-based volunteers in Kaolack who will be collecting the CBS SMS data and conducting community-based activities for epidemic prevention and response.


CBS is an open-source software which allows for monitoring and prevention of disease outbreaks in developing countries. This blog is dedicated to the project and the volunteers who are using information to save lives. Contact us at

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