Getting started with DroneMQTT’s free account

Akira Hirakawa
Red Dot Drone
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2 min readAug 2, 2023

Step 1: Create your free account

Sign in with your email and password.

Step 2: Getting a free instance

In the DroneMQTT Dashboard under ‘Instances’, you will be able to create a new instance by clicking on the purple button ‘New instance’.

Key in the your Instance Name and under ‘Plan’ select ‘Free’ from the dropdown list. Click the ‘Next’ button and ‘Create’ button to be allocated a shared instance.

Step 3: Where to get your data

Click on your Instance name in purple to access the details of your instance. Please note that the MQTT User is generated and you can only use this username under your topics to send messages

Step 4: Try sending messages on Websocket

Click on Websocket under the DroneMQTT Dashboard.

The topic with the generated username (i.e. topic/heXIKRtjxU) will be provided. Please do not change the username. Key in your message and click the Send button and the message will appear under the Topic.

We support multiple hierarchies but you must follow the format of the first and second hierarchy (i.e. topic/heXIKRtjxU/abc/def)

Free users may only access Details and Websocket under the DroneMQTT Dashboard.

Thank you for trying our DroneMQTT and we hope it is useful for your needs. Please feedback to us if you face any issues