Once a year, all voting members of Redeemer gather to make decisions for our congregation. This year’s Annual Meeting is Saturday, June 4, 10:00am at Park Ridge. At present there are no unusual items to consider. We’ll adopt a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, and we’ll elect members to the Vision & Strategy Team (VST). The meeting will also include a look back at the life of the congregation over the past year, a review of finances, and a look ahead.

We’ll hold a preview forum on the proposed budget at each campus the Sunday before the Annual Meeting to give everyone a chance to go through the budget in detail and ask questions.

Voting members, according to our constitution, are members of the congregation who have attended worship and given a gift of record (meaning, it was identified as coming from you) during the prior year.

If you have questions about the Annual Meeting, please get in touch with a member of VST or talk to a staff person. Current VST members are President Aneel Trivedi, Vice President James Pessin, Rita Vera, Kathie Rich, Dan Quest, Evan Price, and Christin Anzalotti.