The Story of City to City Taiwan

This week’s two-week, 100+ person Asia Pacific Intensive is being hosted entirely by City to City Taiwan, which had its beginnings in a simple conversation over ten years ago.

Back in 2007, Jay Kyle, CTC’s Global Catalyst for Asia Pacific and Latin America, met Gordon Huang, a pastor of a thriving church in greater Taipei, with plans to plant his next church in a smaller town. During the legendary seven-hour conversation that followed, Jay put his finger down right in the center of a map of the city, on Taipei 101, the tallest building in the city. He challenged Gordon to plant a church there.

Captured by this vision for loving and caring for the very heart of the city, its marketplace leaders and business executives who had never heard the gospel, Gordon planted 101 Church in the heart of downtown Taipei. 101 Church has since planted five churches in Taipei, and Gordon is the director of the recently launched affiliate, CTC Taiwan.

Gordon recalls,

“I can still remember the day Jay Kyle came into my life in 2007. The Lord has turned my world upside down since then. We’ve seen great things, the impossible happen. I want to thank Jay for always praying for me and my wife, and for being there when things were tough. All of the sacrifice has been more than worth it. This is the hand of the Lord.”

Pray for the skeptics in Taiwan who see Christianity as a foreign religion to see gospel theology embodied in the church.

Gordon Huang describes how new believers are coming to faith in Taiwan.

City to City

We help leaders start churches in cities.

Redeemer City to City

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Our mission is to help leaders build gospel movements in cities. Our vision is for a world-changing, city-renewing, gospel-centered global church.

City to City

We help leaders start churches in cities.

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