“We can do more together than we can by ourselves.”

This is an idea that so many leaders in ministry know and believe, yet few actually put it in practice. So much can get in the way of collaboration between church leaders, but when it happens, God is glorified, churches are strengthened, and a robust gospel ecosystem flourishes.

Many leaders in the Midwest share a similar struggle with others across America — an unflagging feeling of being alone in the work they do. We’re convinced that this isn’t what God intended for us in ministry. He designed ministry to include partnering with others.

As the City to City Hub City Catalyst Team for the Midwest, we want to spark collaboration among leaders in the region, which we hope will result in more churches planted and more cities transformed by the gospel. This is a monumental task that will take effort on everyone’s part—and we can’t do it without God.

Building on the Gospel & Our Cities conference that took place in October 2018, the Hub City Catalyst team in Chicago hosted a CTC North America Midwest Gathering on January 16, 2019 in partnership with Neopolis Network to spark this collaboration. Leaders in the Midwest gathered to dream about what God could do in their cities. They shared their experiences in ministry, learned from each other, and explored how others’ ideas could be implemented in their own cities. Leaders from different tribes—networks such as Acts 29, Orchard Group, and Neopolis, as well as those in non-profit ministries—formed new relationships and deepened existing ones.

“This is a monumental task that will take effort on everyone’s part — and we can’t do it without God.”

Participants were encouraged to consider how they can collaborate with others across denominational lines for the gospel and given resources to do just that.

“We believe that God will do abundantly more than we could ever imagine in our cities as his people come together to see churches planted, leaders trained, and prayers made for gospel growth in our cities.”

The plans don’t stop there. We hope to continue this collaborative momentum. A monthly meeting of leaders from different churches in Chicago was established to create a community of prayer and accountability in their ministries. The Catalyst Team also hopes to establish more cadres of leaders who desire to see the city transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the city. The next CTC North America Midwest Gathering is scheduled for March 8, 2019.

We believe that God will do abundantly more than we could ever imagine in our cities as his people come together to plant churches, train leaders, and pray for gospel growth in our cities.

About the Authors

Oscar Leiva was born in El Salvador and raised in an economically challenged neighborhood in Chicagoland. Oscar, his wife, Megan, and their three adopted children have built a multiethnic congregation in Pilsen called Holy Trinity Church. Oscar also serves as the CTC Lead Catalyst for the Midwest region.

Derrick Sekamalira was born in Kampala, Uganda. After completing a two-year internship at St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London, he and his wife moved to Chicago to pursue a six-month church planting residency with Neopolis. Derrick will then return to Kampala to plant a church. Presently, he works as CTC’s Midwest Region Communications Coordinator.

You can follow CTC North America on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their site.

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