Third part of the project.
Here, we will see the CONTENT ARCHITECTURE and the NEW FEATURES presentation.
I am going to skip MY CREATIVE PROCESS that generated this new features and ignited the new CONTENT ARCHITECTURE.
If you want to see it LIVE, just hire me for your Service Design needs.


New Features Snapshot

This 3 new features are the ones I identified to be the most relevant for the personas previously presented.

Content Architecture

I also MERGED most of the content in the Actual Sidebar, making it more useful and progressive.

Share ride Feature

The side description explains the details of the feature for the app in the actual app screen where it should be integrated.

Also points out some actual UI design that could be improved.

HEY UBER! Feature

Since this feature is completely NEW for the app i just wanted to make sure we (creative, client and studio) are in the same page and understand the concept we want to ignite into the feature.

Also pointed out the core options inside this cool new feature.

Plan Ride new feature

The Plan Ride is the most complex integration, also the most disruptive part of the new design.

It lets people plan a whole trip using UBER Rides. The long ride, the urban rides within the destination and the back to destination ride using WAYPOINTS.

Thanks for going this far in the post, any comments and questions are more than welcome!

NEXT PART will be about the actual WIREFRAMING and possible visual design.


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