Visit REDi at STS&P 2018!

Greetings from REDi team,

REDi is participating at the annual conference for Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Procurement on Nov. 28–29.

Day 2 of STS&P 2018 kicks off and we are here to share the event with you 🙂

We invite you to KINTEX Korea, Nov. 28–29!

STS&P 2018 is an exclusive exhibition & conference focused on the application of the newest and emerging tech for a sustainable global development.

Hosted by the United Nations and its OPS division (Office for Project Services), the conference gathers government officials, social enterprises, and sustainability-oriented industry players around the world, to discuss innovative ways for a more cleaner and sustainable future.

REDi has been selected as a key partner to showcase our project, aiming towards providing the mass public with better and efficient ways to produce and maintain clean energy production and consumption.

We are proud to present alongside major players adopting the latest technology in AI and blockchain to promote actions towards achieving UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Some of our team members are at the scene, looking forward to meeting with and promoting our project to major government representatives, organizational members, and industry players.

The REDi booth is ready and our team is waiting for you at the Conference. 🙂🤝

Take a look into the event! 👇
Panels discussing the future step towards achieving UN’s Global Goals through the innovation in blockchain
1. Sneak peek before we open the gates to the guests / 2. Our team member was interviewed at the REDi booth
Excited to present the REDi Infranet to our audience :)
Meet us at KINTEX Korea, Nov. 28–29 and be a part of the collective movement towards sustainable development! 🌈

[ About REDi ]

REDi pursues a blockchain-based integrative data marketplace for the global renewable energy industry. The REDi Infranet will empower various renewable energy producers, consumers, and industry experts to consolidate, verify, and distribute data in the search for improved productivity and efficiency towards true sustainability.

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