Meet the ReDI volunteers

(First) Name: Eric

I was born in: Stavanger, Norway

I work as: Senior Full-Stack Javascript Developer

I volunteer in Digital Career Program and Berlin since 2017.

I decided to volunteer at ReDI because of the drive and energy of the community, as well as a real sense of purpose and impact.

1 surprising fact about me: I like to eat absolutely anything… except olives.

My best advice to ReDI students: don’t be shy — ask questions, even “stupid” ones, to your teachers and mentors. That’s why they’re there.

My request for the next ReDI Karaoke Song is The Ketchup Song (Asereje), by Las Ketchup, with Mireia as lead singer.

5 quick tips during Corona:

Movie: Apollo 13

Book: “The Pragmatic Programmer — Your Journey to Mastery”. It’s golden stuff, for beginners and seniors alike.

Music: Rachid Taha — Ya Rayah

Podcast: 13 Minutes to the Moon

Activity: Experimental cooking at home




Using technology to break down barriers and connect the leaders of tomorrow.

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