Retired by 30: Here’s how to achieve the New Rich — One Beautician’s Wigs to Wall Street Success Story

Everyone has been asking me what exactly do you do? — I never have a definitive answer and it always makes me feel awkward when people ask.

I use to reply, “I am in Finance and Manage Funds for Institutions,” People use to be so impressed with my all of my skills or that I could tie an expensive college name accrediting them too. Not to mention, I worked at some investment firms worth name dropping.

Couple all that with the fact I was a girl making more money than most individuals who were getting ready to retire normally only achieved after a lifetime of struggles.

Now, my response is usually a little something like, “Oh I’m an entrepreneur, and hummmm…. well I BLOG that’s what I do I read and BLOG.” Pretty much a conversation ender. No one cares and no one is impressed, crickets chirp.

I turned to Alternative Education (which is FREE)

The crazy thing is I read like I’m in school 24/7. Like I am trying to get caught up on years of reading I missed out on during my youth.

Since, Quitting My SIX Figure Gig to become an Entrepreneur I have be involved in several business ventures, and always toying around with new ideas. However, my desire to travel and see more than the hometown I grew up in for more than two decades has caused me to loose passion for some of these businesses.

My conversations with strangers and old friends aren’t the same anymore. The wow on someones face when I open my mouth to speak about all of my self-taught experiences.

It’s like their eyes glaze over and they have 101 questions.

Especially my old colleagues — they always say they are proud of me but man it is depressing to hear that they all still get up going through the same routine, same everything — everyday nothing new.

Even if I was broke and lived in a box I would rather be happy than live the same life, in the same place, going no where closer towards happiness for myself and my dreams.

They complain, I tell them how they can change their situation, and they DO NOTHING! We just have the same conversation a few weeks, months, or years later….

At first I was stingy and never wanted to tell anyone too much information for fear they would steal my TOP SECRET ideas. Even now I have my moments. But, over the years I have discovered Most people will never be your competition. It depends on “who” you are talking too — people are lazier than you think.

People make a LOT of excuses. And, people are scared. Scared of losing comfort, scared of the unknown, scared of making sacrifices, scared of the fact they may actually fail.

I STOPPED Being Scared to Succeed

Why not be scared to succeed? Why automatically think so negative? What if everything goes better than imagined? If you never try, you will never know and always wonder “what if?”

I rant about Tim Ferriss and one of his best sellers The 4-Hour Workweek to people all the time. I would even attribute the quitting of my job and Everything I considered while preparing to quit my SIX FIGURE job to become an Entrepreneur to the reading of this book. I am not sure how to get people to actually read it or listen to his methodology.

I can’t tell you how many times I feel like I waste my breath answering questions only to have someone never actually put the information into action. — It is painful to witness.

Sadly, I am guilty of it too. We are on information overload! I read somewhere that we are exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day.

I Started To Use Teaching as a Benefit

When, I don’t know something I use to ask others until I figured out they aren’t trying to go where I am and their responses are limited to that of their cubical or society obsessed lifestyle.

When I don’t know the answer I learn it by doing, by teaching, or writing about it. Some of which never get published. Some I never get to teach but i prepare as if I were going to in person.

When I learn something new I find myself teaching everyone I come in contact with for like a week straight. It’s like I get a high from it.

I followed MY OWN PASSION for once

Well I read, travel, and blog. I decided to close up one of my businesses earlier this year to travel more. Every time I left town, I had to hurry home to monitor the business.

And, according to Tim Ferriss it wasn’t any kind of “automatic lifestyle” that was going to accomplish anything on my dreamline. Now, I blog about business hacks, life hacks, and travel. I keep trying to find my voice and still am.

But, I was told I have to blog a certain way about a certain topic, and to a certain audience. I think all of that is true with some modifications, each person and business is unique.

I want real people behind me, genuine customers behind a genuine brand.

So, I have been teaching myself about blogging. It is like going to school. But, Self-education is longer lasting and more self gratifying.

I want to turn my passion into my career. My problem thus far has been picking a passion. There are just too many options!

“The key to happiness is to find something you love doing, then figure out a way to make money doing it.” — Oprah

Sara Blakely did just that with her company #Spanx. Next, she was sitting on Oprah’s stage taking her company from multi-millions to multi-billions!

Dreams are possible and ignoring those who say they aren’t is the best advice I can give someone.

Stop listening to everyone else. Do your own research and confirm all the information you are given day in and day out.

My first career move was to be a Cosmetologist. Let’s just say a sedentary lifestyle should have been the first red flag coupled with no benefits, but it’s been a very useful bartering tool over the years I found comes in handy.

Hairstylist get you wet and blow you dry it’s worth your money.

I once read an article about celebrities who acquired their success later in life; One of which was Giada De Laurentiis, who took a year off and ended up writing a cookbook that launched her career to millionaire celeb status! — Talk about best decision ever.

I have worked since I was 15 and just want a break. I am so happy finally getting to make my own schedule. And, I am so tired of not sharing what a beautiful life I have achieved through much sacrifice. MAJOR sacrifice and discipline.

I have never had time to slow down and actually smell the roses!

How I Turbo charged my retirement plan

No my life is not perfect but I read a few articles by Mallika Chopra who’s whole mantra is about “Living with Intent” and mindfulness. Not simply going through the motions but being present during the day.

The best piece of advice I found was if you want to turn down the chaos in your life you must eliminate decisions in order to simplify your life… so I have been doing just that.

  • So far I have sold or given away almost everything possible and put my furniture on Craigslist …. still waiting for a “legit” buyer
  • I have dwindled my business inventory down to two major pallets of merchandise tampons and toys. Strange I know but let me tell you people buy weird stuff… and the weird stuff sells the best!
  • My car is listed for sale
  • My home is for sale.

So how is that for decisions. :)

What’s Next?

So, I know everyone keeps asking uggggg I mean EVERYONE what are you going to do and where are you going to live?

Well…. I can’t even figure out exactly how it started but, the fact that I was having so many issues traveling with my dogs. And, the cost of convenience adds up. I started exploring the idea of bringing home with me and after some extensive research and tours — I finally decided on the one.

It was the outdoor kitchen that sold me

So, yeah I am selling my life and either packed up, sold, or am trying to sell everything else — and moving into an RV.

Along my journey I figured one thing out…

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Honestly, one of the reasons I am selling everything I own is to eliminate all the distractions and unnecessary responsibilities. I want to sell everything I own so I can become more “mindful” in my daily ventures.

Self-love is one of the best things you can give yourself. You have to take care of yourself or there will be nothing left to give.

So, now my answer when people ask what it is I do: I’m retired! Why- because people always think RV’s are for dinosaurs aka old people but they are coming around. I have been making a few modifications for mine already so please follow me along my journey...

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