Write with NO expectations and just HIT freakin SEND


I think I write so much, I forget to actually write. It is so paralyzing to not be able to put the words on paper. I feel like I have so much to say, but no one will care. I have read so much about how to write and how to market what I write — BUT I NEVER WRITE!

I sit here day after day getting ready, telling myself today is the day. You are going to post an article that goes viral! You are going to finally start writing that book you have been preparing for.

Today becomes yesterday, then last week, then tomorrow.

What’s My Problem

Am I scared? What is it that I cannot seem to put on paper? When I have a conversation with someone they always tell me how useful my information is. So why can’t I tell the world! lol

I think I am afraid of the backlash I have seen and how cruel people can be. I am a very private person with a BIG story to tell (aren’t we all). Yet, I don’t want to be famous. I just want to help, heal and inspire others in any way I can.

The Solution

I find healing through writing and know others do too. So, who cares what anyone else thinks. Who cares if no one reads this one post? I’m done not doing anything, so I decided to do something!

It’s crazy, it’s paralyzing, it’s ridiculous, so I decided to hit publish!

Stop agonizing, worrying and overthinking the action itself.

Perfection is the enemy of DONE!

If you need some more inspiration I found some here:

I loved this article about “Frictionless Blogging” by Leo Babauta which inspired me to write this post.

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