Rediscover STEAM
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Rediscover STEAM

Radia Perlman, The Mother Of The Internet

  • “Life is unfair: it drives me crazy because I want it to be fair, but obnoxious backstabbing people do well for themselves while really nice deserving people don’t do as well as they should, but this will never change, and you have to not let it bother you too much. The best thing you can do is try to help other people by mentioning their contributions whenever you get a chance.
  • “Everyone is insecure — especially pompous people. Really smart people are actually sweet and generous.”
  • “It’s OK to ask for help. When doing a final exam, all the work must be yours, but in engineering, the point is to get the job done, and people are happy to help. Corollaries: You should be generous with credit, and you should be happy to help others.”

by Althea Ocomen




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