Majoritarian democracy continues to be problematic

We may have a new president in the US but half the country doesn’t back him up. In Bihar, less than 100k votes have decided the winner.

Vinoba points to the challenge of this system : that it will always be violent to the minority. And anyone can end up being a minority at any point of time in the system.

Yet we continue to persist with it because we know no better.

Is there an alternative?

There isn’t currently.

But if we put our time, energy and imagination into possibilities of 100% consent-based decision making (sarvanumati), I see hope.

Currently this method is not scalable, time consuming and cumbersome. But over the last 3 years at Blue Ribbon Movement we have experimented with it and seen its power in building collective energy, individual transformation and shared understanding.

Using technology, gamification and tweaking the processes, it may be possible to have larger and lager groups that are operating with sarvanumati.

It is a whole new operating system that seems like a far fetched ideal. But any potentially disruptive idea starts out seeming just like that.

Do you think it is possible for any group to reach a space of 100 percent consent (not consensus)? What challenges do you see in taking this to other collectives?



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