To connect and celebrate ❤

No one has a clue how do we move from where we’re stuck.

We’re speeding away in this model of development and growth, wrecking the planet and concentrating wealth.

Our elections are becoming ad campaigns and our leaders have to become more of salesmen.

Financial systems are fragile and jobs are shrinking while aspirations rise.

And tech has all of us plugged in and ‘hacked’ our psyches, manipulating how we feel and think.

How are we gonna get out of this?

One possible approach is to see ourselves as ants. Ants together create complex ant-hills but no ant really has a ‘map’ of it. Their brains are too small to hold that complexity.

What they have instead are a set of simple rules embedded in instinct — of what they will do when they cross each other and moving food etc.

If we fully acknowledge the limits of our intelligence (individual AND collective) and start simplifying this challenge into “rules of thumb” that each one can act on we have a chance. Then, we trust the process to allow a new way to emerge….

Some of my thumb rules are

1. NON CO-OPERATION: De-energize the unhealthy part of the system (I call it ‘cystem’) at every point in every way reasonably possible.

This could look like very different things for different people, like taking public transport or recycling or working less hours or consuming mindfully etc

2. NON VIOLENCE : Engage with love and non-violence at every interaction with a fellow human being, living creature and inanimate object.

If each interaction deepens our empathy, compassion, trust and kindness, we’ll move closer to creating the beautiful world where everyone else is, too!

3. PLAYFUL CURIOSITY : Keeping our inquiry for truth alive, through dialogue and listening and reading and reflecting….

It is only our inner work that will allow us to see change outside…the first place to challenge these structures is within.

4. FUN! : This one’s about enjoying this moment, when we’re holding the torch of humanity, we’re alive on the planet and having a great time figuring our challenges and finding ways out of them.

Its a great reason to connect and celebrate ❤

Will each of us do this? I don’t think so — the human mind loves complexity and ‘doing’ and we’re still quite arrogant when it comes to dealing with nature or seeing our own capacities. That sucks of course!

Then again, I’m a believer…..even if I’m just an ant.



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